Welcome to our adoption blog! We are an adoptive family, hoping to add another child to our family through adoption soon. We adopted our daughter, Lorena in 2009, and we’d love for her to have a brother or sister! She is hoping for a sister, but all three if us will be over the moon regardless of whether our next child is a boy or girl.

This blog serves two purposes. First, it is intended to give additional information about our family through our profile on Adoption.com. This blog is linked to our profile, so if you are visiting us from there, welcome, and thanks for taking the time to get to know us more. If you haven’t seen our adoption profile yet, feel free to check it out. We hope this will help expecting parents get to know us and make an informed decision about whether they’d like to place a child with us. We have posted past blog posts from my (Abby’s) personal blog and we are sharing all of our family posts here for the time being. The reason we are keeping them separate is to avoid sharing too much personal information before we have gotten to know potential birth parents. We are open to sharing personal information with expecting parents/birth parents at some point depending on the circumstances, but for now we’ll play it safe for everybody’s sake.

The second purpose of this blog is to inform family and friends (and perhaps potential birth parents who are just looking into it) about adoption. From time to time we will share links and information about adoption to help you be as informed as possible about the subject and learn how to best approach the subject with your family and friends who are affected by adoption, whether they are adoptive parents, birth parents, or adopted children/adults.

We know there are people in the world who do not believe in adoption, but we believe in it 100% because we have seen what a wonderful thing it can be. Please take some time and look around. Get to know us, learn a little about adoption, and please share! This blog is here to be shared to help us reach the right birth mother at the right time. We believe that when the time is right, God (with your help) will place the birth parents and child in our path who were meant to be a part of our lives.


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  1. I found your blog from the giveaway on All Things Purple, and am absolutely intrigued. Your family has such a beautiful story. Good luck on your journey. Wishing you the best of luck with your adoption endeavors.

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